Flat Cartridges

Hilson Filtration Products Ltd is based in Ashton-under-Lyne, with excellent infrastructure links to UK and export hubs.

All aspects of the manufacturing are undertaken in-house, to ensure the highest standards of quality control are achieved.With well established links to leading freight carriers, we ensure that our products reach their destination efficiently and in the best possible condition.

Through extensive experience in the industry, Hilson Filtration Products Ltd has developed unique production machines and techniques to facilitate the production of standard and bespoke filter cages, ensuring that we are able to meet the most diverse and innovative design requirements of our customers.

Our production facilities have sufficient capacity and flexibility to meet customer demands and is responsive where shorter than usual lead-times are required.

At all stages of the production process, the emphasis is on the quality of the product.

Cages are despatched throughout the world in purpose-built wooden crates, manufactured in-house. This ensures that our product reaches the customer in the best possible condition and ready for immediate use.

Our cages are built on automated welding machines, to ensure maximum production efficiency, accuracy and quality consistency. All our operators are highly experienced and trained and understand the products and needs of our customers.

We despatch our cages throughout the world in purpose-built wooden crates, manufactured in-house.

Good preparation of material is an essential aspect of the production process.

All material supplied is quality assured, certified and inspected prior to use.

Wire is straightened and cut to length using a purpose-built machine to ensure surface quality, dimension consistency and material strength is maintained.

Customised jigs and hydraulic rams are used to form a variety of shapes where flat-sided filter cages are required.

This allows rings to be formed with only a single jointing weld.

An extensive range of tooling is available to facilitate the wide range of designs demanded by our customers.

Our automatic CNC ring-forming machine ensures that rings are produced to a consistent diameter and to the highest weld quality.

Despite having an automated production process, a rigorous hands-on inspection procedure is still used to give the highest levels of quality assurance.

Final stage production includes the shaping of ends and joints, the fixing of tops or venturis using spot welding and application of paint where required.