Hilson Filtration Products Ltd | Cage Joints

Hilson Filtration Products Ltd offers a number of cage jointing solutions where longer filter bags are required and filter headroom is restricted.

This wide range of jointing options allows the customer to choose the most cost effective, function solution to meet their application needs.

All joints are checked and tested during the manufacturing process to ensure they meet the customer specification and tolerance for alignment when the cage is hanging in the vertical position.

Double Ring Joint

The Double-Ring Joint is one of the simplest cage jointing options.

Very simple to assemble but provides a positive joint.

This type of joint is ideally suited to the shorter filter cages where a lighter application is needed.

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Sliderscope Joint

The Sliderscope Joint is the latest design, developed for all cage designs and applications.

This design allows ease of assembly and disassembly and is particularly good for ensuring and maintaining cage alignment due to the internal sliding mechanism.

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Claw Joint

One of the most common designs in filter cage applications.

This is an extremely simple yet effective jointing option, providing a cost effective solution. For mid-range designs incorporating up to 16 stringers.

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Baylock Joint

The unique, patented Baylock Joint was specifically developed for multi-stringer and heavy duty applications.

This provides a very strong mechanical joint, yet is very easy to use, allowing fast assembly/disassembly of the cage.

It is particularly good for longer cages where higher levels of cage alignment are required.

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Collar Joint

Similar in functionality to the Double-Ring Joint, this is slightly more advanced in that the collar provides additional protection against potential snagging of the bag during installation or use.

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